App Design

Video of app design part way through the process.

Shows how screens connect to each other, and lets you zoom in and out to inspect designs and leave comments. After these storyboards are finished, the next step is to create a clickable protoype:

View the Wolf Spreads clickable prototype

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Clickable prototype signup screens, and how they fit together

For the new user/signup process. Click to expand full-screen. Hover to zoom.

First clickable prototype "Place a bet" screens

Wolf Spreads is a sports betting app. This shows the screens from the first clickable prototype, for the "place a bet process".

Brainstorming Push Notifications

One slide from the early stages of brainstorming ways to use push notifications to increase user retention.

Near-final Push Notification spec

Several revisions later: Simplified push notifications to help deliver an app on-budget and on-time.

App Store Previews

Mid-process wireframes for placing a bet

Before we make a clickable prototype, we make non-interactive wireframes. Example above. Click to zoom.

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